Software Engineering for Scientific Software (SEfSci)

Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)

Queens University

Kingston, Ontario



scientific software (also called analysis software, or computational software) application software whose most significant portion embeds scientific or engineering models and provides data to support decisions based on those models; examples include software that supports design of bridges, airframes, and engines; supports design and operation of nuclear power plants; provides guidance for orthopedic surgery; supports exploration for oil and other minerals; and provides predictions for severe weather and climate change.


software engineering for scientific software  software engineering techniques and methods designed and validated to be used specifically for the development and maintenance of scientific software; all such techniques and methods take into account the characteristics salient to the environment and products of scientific software development.


SEfSci (sef se) a group of Canadian researchers interested in addressing the problems inherent in developing and maintaining scientific software; the group includes Diane Kelly (RMC/Queens), Spencer Smith (McMaster), Mark Vigner(NRC Ottawa), and Greg Wilson (University of Toronto).





Current research from Diane Kellys RMC/Queens group


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